Yazd province exports at $133mn in fiscal Q1

Yazd province exports at $133mn in fiscal Q1

“The figures show an 11% and 17% growth in terms of value and volume, respectively, in comparison with the corresponding period of last year,” Mohammad Hossein Salmani, the director general of Yazd customs, said on Sunday.

The main products exported over the period were construction materials, such as tiles and ceramics, steel and glass products, iron bars and pistachio.

Pakistan, Iraq, Afghanistan, Thailand, Turkey and Syria were Yazd’s top customers in the first quarter, he added.

Salmani noted that some 13,555 tons of goods worth $38.178 million were imported through the province’s customs during the same span, up 40% in terms of tonnage and 27% in terms of value year-on-year.

Yazd’s top exporters in the past three months were Turkey, China, Italy, UAE, Spain and Germany.

Source: MNA